Side ACS: Adjust Control System

Allows on-the-face adjustment and quick release.

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  2. that the happy trees look like "happy skittles"! Congrats on the pattern in Sew Hip too! Although I did think it a bit odd that they published your pattern but didn't list Paper&String in the resources bit. Oh well, will we be seeing any more of your stuff in future issues?:) x

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  4. I would be happy with either, but must say that the fabric you used on the notebook/tissue holder has been on my fabric wish list for a while now — lovely choice!

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  18. I want to thank everyone for stopping by and saying hi. I enjoyed the questions and the comments everyone shared. You’re all so sweet. Also thank you to the lovely host, Cherie for letting us hang out at her blog. Now for the lucky winner of the drawing. Drum roll please…. Stacey A. Smith.Congratulations!!!Take Care Everyone!

  19. Actually, you should do fine tomorrow…seriously, you have a ton of built in conversation topics…where you came from, why you moved, how many kids, how you had so many so ”quickly”…it should all spill out easily. Now I can’t wait for the report on how this little event plays out! I hope you don’t have to bring a salad…that might be a bad first impression!

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  25. Hi Paul, Thanks for the comment! Time and funds were short for the organisers as this is the first year of the event. We donated the website but online entry still being worked on … I hope a solution can be sorted soon!Graham

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